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    Brake Pad Services and Replacement for most vehicles. We use BOSH & WAGNER parts with full warranty.

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Learn why over hundreds of people love BrakePad Central

BrakePad Central’s is a brake repair service shop focused on all type of vehicle brake repair services.  Our technicians have worked on every kind of brake issue there is, and we can help you with problems involving hydraulic brake fluid, brake pedals, power brake boosters, brake master cylinders, drum brakes, disk brakes, antilock brakes, and any other brake component in the world. In short, our Brake Repair Service Shop know your vehicle’s brake system inside and out, which makes us the top brake repair service shop in the Chicago area.

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Address: 4008 N Ravenswood Ave Unit 1, Chicago Illinois 60613

At BrakePad Central Auto Repair

When you give us the opportunity to work on your brakes, BrakePad Central gives you a lifetime guarantee. After purchasing your brake shoes or brake pads from us, you’ll never again have to pay for replacements on the same vehicle.

At BrakePad Central, we understand the importance of a working brake system, which is why we urge our customers to have regular brake inspections at least once per year.

During the inspection we will examine your vehicle for various common issues that may include:
squealing or grinding brakes
warning lights indicating brake problems
spongy or low brake pedal
brake pedal that’s hard to push

Our Customers Reviews


The cost I was quoted to put on aftermarket brakes was so cheap I was skeptical. A friend referred me here and I gave them a try. The new brakes went on within an hour and they were ready to go not long after. They felt very solid and great. They did a quality job with my brake upgrade.


I brought my 15 y/o BMW for its 50,000 mile service. They did the work while I waited and were much less than the dealer wanted.


My car windows look great. They were able to finish within one day, and the tint is so good that it looks like I drove the car straight off the lot with the windows already tinted.