Brake Master Cylinder Repair Services

At Brake Pad Central Auto, we offer the helping hand that ensures that your braking system works as it should at all times. You will have an easy experience dealing with your car.

Our Brake Master Cylinder Repair Services cover the repair of the brake master cylinder of your car’s brake. This part of the braking system is among the most important parts of this system. It acts as the main valve that pushes brake fluid through the brake lines. This action enables the brake calipers to squeeze the brake pads against the rotors.

You will know this part requires services when you notice the following signs:

  • Far from normal brake pedal action – A defective brake master cylinder affects the distribution and sealing of break pressure. You will feel this pressure change as you press the brake pedal. The pedal will sink slowly to the car floor when you depress it. It will feel spongy or mushy.
  • Contaminated brake fluid – Broken down seals of this cylinder will contaminate the brake fluid, turning it to a black or dark brown color.
  • Check engine light on dashboard for new cars – The check engine light on your car’s dashboard will turn on when the sensors pick the low pressure caused by defective brake master cylinder.

We offer repair services for the brake master cylinder. You can trust our services for efficient and effective solutions. Give us a call today and benefit from:

Wide range of brake services

We offer a wide range of brake services under one roof. Our specialization in brake services makes us the go-to partner for all needs of your braking system.

Affordable service

The affordability of the services extends to the costs of buying the brake parts. You will enjoy low prices on original parts. The confidence we place on these original parts is such that you get a lifetime guarantee meaning you do not pay for any future replacements on the same car.


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